Tuesday, May 7, 2013

And now we have ... Fashion Diplomacy! (an offshoot of public diplomacy?)

"I’m Lisa Liberatore. This blog [Fashion Diplomacy] began in connection with the completion of my masters degree in Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California in Spring 2013.

It is an extension of my research on the global fashion industry, politics, international relations, and women’s empowerment. For more on why this blog focuses on women, read the introductory post: 'Why Women and Not Men?'" Liberatore image from her blog


Paul Rockower said...

I'm going out on a limb here (or catwalk?) and say an offshoot of diplomacy not public diplomacy. Or perhaps public diplomacy, but in a broader context that you or I might not fully focus on at first glance. Lisa has some interesting points about style and fashion's connection to the communication of power, which is one thing that diplomacy deals with. And public diplomacy's soft power communication of nuanced impressions.

We of the less fair sex come at this from a different perspective as we get to hide in suits and ties, but there may be a whole different nuanced projection of power via style.

Lisa makes some well-thought points in her initial blog, so lets reserve judgment and let her strut this notion a bit further.

Efe Sevin said...

Let me just present a view from all the way across the judgmental (judging?) scale.

The study and practice of public diplomacy (and in extension the study and practice of contemporary diplomacy) have been moving forward largely thanks to what MA students at USC, AU, SU, and other schools are doing. I love reading their ideas, hearing about their projects. But aren't we done with neologisms? It is nice that students have new ideas that they want to bring it, do we need another (insert a noun/adjective/acronym) diplomacy concept? And my favorite question of all times - what is next? Fashion design diplomacy, fashion show diplomacy, accessories diplomacy, make up diplomacy?

It is a good public diplomacy idea - it might work for certain audiences. It is actually a great idea. But it does not require a new term...