Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Donald Trump Sketch Erotically Excites the Non-Fake Art World News: For the Literal-minded, this is a parody (cry of despair?) ...

John Brown [via Facebook entry, slightly edited]
22 mins

Of course, this striking, sexy/turn-me-on-baby perhaps inspired by distant lands somewhere in Europe (the former Czechoslovakia, Slovenia) sketch has all kinds of important implications condemning the "deep state" (no, you-hate-an-artist-president, CNN, you CNN, for the record, I've not characterized the President's artwork as "neurotic/erotic") by stressing its tweetifull views (beyond giving the world what is known in our good-old-USA parlance as "the finger"), expressed in a subtle way ... it goes beyond mere "realism" but its two towers (emphasized by symbols of four -- yes, four! -- powerful testicules (as the popolo minuto misspells such male God-given binary jewels that keep humanity alive) suggest that the tip of the phallos is an essential part of the universe, the tip being an ever-moving force that endlessly expresses the strong, enduring, ever-erect will of Western Civilization.
The subtle but not deceiving "simplicity" of the drawing -- its deconstructing of superficial, supposedly multi-[false] levels of passé, phony Obama/Obamacare perceptions of reality -- is striking, memorable in its directness, in its artistic honesty/integrity, in its understanding/"drawing it as it is" of what ordinary persons living in the real, yes so real "You're Fired" Tee-Vee World, rather than fake news "art" phonies, really feel ... A true work of art --yes, it's truly biuteefool.
The two towering penises (there's even a one-third one on the right on this masterpiece) are young and stiff, highly proud, make-America-great pricks skyscrapers not hidden, not covered by condoms, to show man-power in full, a shameless, heartwrenching homage to what women who know their place dare not grape -- are the most memorable sections of this immortal work, doubtless to be "well-hung" in the Presidential Tweet library -- evoke the president/artist's enormous success commemorating his generosity not only to womankind in producing offsprings through his unique (non-Mexican) German/Scottish "white" sperm.

Not only via his sperm, but also through his construction projects, which made housing affordable to tax-not-disclosed "deals" with smuggling (typo: should be "struggling") millionaires, especially hard-working entreprenoors escaping, in their yats ["Yat or jat is the thirty-second letter of the old Cyrillic alphabet"], from that once-great world power, the not-so-impoverished (for those who benefited from it) former Soviet Union that ran its part the world as it should be run -- with those with balls making bald deals (deals that won't get them in jail), and who put on such great events uplifting humanity such as "Miss Universe" shows, even after the USSR collapsed.
Great guys, great deal-makers. Mr. Trump's art is a homage -- expressed in a subtle way -- to the courage, dedication, work ethic of such strong all-macho-men (no, they're not all "Slavic") dedicated to the future/survival of themselves (above all) and (very much secondarily) their "families," not always biological. Long live Art and Culture!
I end this Gogolian entry (Gogol -- not to be confused with Google -- being my always inspiring Russian/Ukrainian literary magician); meanwhile including, for your musical enjoyment, a youtube preservation of the USSR national anthem.

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