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Russian Black Bread vs. USA Wonder Bread ?... (via Facebook)

Vrubel Dmitry
Lunch in the dining room of a factory in the days of the Soviet Union.
John Brown Soviet cuisine at its best ... But why no black bread?
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Steve Lapeyrouse And the utensils were aluminum, as you can see! which even lasted into the early 90s in the столовой. (Be cautious when eating with Western fillings!)
Mark H. Teeter What a bunch o' snobs! Get w/ the program!
John Brown Dear friends -- Allow me to repeat my humble question -- knowing your wisdom and expertise, where is the black bread in the above-cited pix, in my early-70s USSR culinary recollections the best part of a stomach-filling stolichnaya (sorry, I meant stolovaya) meal?
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Olga Zinovieva The bread was always on the table on a thick white plate, usually without any restrictions for the customers. Mustard was also there. Some people made it a meal just on black bread and mustard, without paying anything.
John Brown Thank you, Dr. Zinovieva! A most, most important detail, with of course implications re Russian-style communism vs "Western" capitalism. ...
James Critchlow In the Soviet period that great dark bread was so heavily subsidized that kids used to use it for soccer practice.
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John Brown Dear Friends: Allow me (again, if you can stand it) for a bit of humor/humus: Time for a serious US-Russia scholarly colloquium (I plead guilty for the title) : "Are You Really What You Aluminum Eat With: Post-Cold War Gender-Focused Speculations on ...See More
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Yury Nikolaevich It is now called "organic" and is very expensive. )))
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Yury Nikolaevich James, that's not true. In the Soviet Union to the bread felt respect. If someone began to play with the bread, it immediately stopped. And, of course, explained that the bread is the result of hard work. In addition, a lot of people remembered how the bread saved their lives.
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James Critchlow My source is the Soviet press, which complained about people wasting bread by using it as a soccer ball. Разве в "Правде" не было правды никогда?
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Yury Nikolaevich Отличнeнькo, Джeймc, чтo Bы знaетe вeликий и мoгучий. Я, видитe ли, нe cилeн в aнглийcком, пpиxодится пользoвaться гyгловcким пеpевoдчиком.

Тaк в кaком номeре кaкoй гaзeты Bы читaли о таком фyтболe?
See Translation
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James Critchlow Не ручаюсь, что в "Правде," но в одной из центральных газет (какая разница?) я точно увидел такую статью, м.б. около 1970 г.See Translation
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Yury Nikolaevich Джеймс, я привык проверять информацию. Особенно ту, которая явно противоречит моему опыту и знаниям.See Translation
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John Brown

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John Brown Allow me to share more food for thought re our discussion:

Today, the Russian bread market is truly global, with baked goods available from almost every corner of the planet —…
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John Brown Friends -- Would like to post your elucidating comments on my blog, "Notes and Essays." Unless I hear a resounding "no" from you by 12/4 (sorry for the rush), I'll assume you have no objections ... Best, john
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