Friday, December 30, 2016

Message from a pro-Trump American -- of course "fake"

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Dear "Dr." John (give me a break and get me a real surgeon, not your fly-by-night flaky phony "Ph.D"),
I don't know much about international relations, whatever that is.
Unlike you, I won't say I know everything about the world.
But I can tell you one thing: We're being overrun by sleazeballs who hate America. 
You name 'em, from Pootin on up-down.

So: "Dr." Brown: Here's this advice:
Our President-elect Donald Trump will out-sleazeball any of the hate-America crooks outside our God-given American shores/walls.
He'll keep our country safe. 
After all, he's made losts (no, not lost) of money, and he has his own jet airplane.
God -- and money -- bless America.

JB note:  BTW -- Am being "serious."

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