Saturday, October 29, 2016

Research Notes for an article on "Narrative" (1)

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Note: I am doing research on the use (misuse?) of the mot du jour "narrative," mostly as it pertains to efforts by the U.S. government to present/explain the USA and its foreign policy to overseas audiences. 

My two favorite citations in this first "narrative" research round-up (more citations below): 

"May the better story win Otago Daily Times The problem is that often the truth does not speak 
for itself - it has to be interpreted through a narrative
This means facts alone are not enough."


Columbus College of Art & Design's Illustration program is seeking applicants for a full-time faculty position. Our ideal candidate is an illustrator/writer ..."

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This is very interesting to say the least with some good ideas. Quite frankly, I would have never found this article, but during some research for my dissertaion rearding Dissertation Topics Narrative, I found this. Good stuff!