Friday, October 21, 2016

Rating Rats

Response to a message from a Facebook friend:
John Brown During my daily jogs (neighbors tell me, without a hint of irony, "enjoy your walk") on the way to Rock Creek Park, I feel obligated, as a DC resident, to pick up trash along the way -- everything from beer cans/plastic water bottles to wrinkled prophylactics; I place these icons of American culture in a plastic bag (acquired at a Giant supermarket when shopping there) and introduce these making-America-great items (if they fit the three choices -- glass, aluminum, plastic) in one of the "recycle" bins in Rock Creek Park (RCP); other types of trash go in an "ordinary" garbage can in RCP. All this as an overlong introduction to say that when I called the DC gov some time ago about the litter on the street leading to RCP (Tilden St NW, a favorite free parking spot for out-of-DC-ers) I mentioned the word "rat" -- and actually got the city to clean up the area, which, today, I continue doing my bit in keeping one neighborhood of the imperial capital free of trash. So -- my main point! -- I rate rats very highly as a word to get a local government to take action in "cleaning up" the environment ... . 
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