Friday, January 29, 2016

How to understand Putin's Russia in less than a minute?

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Title of entry: This drunk driver could remember only one thing, but in Russia it’s the most important thing
 10:58, 28 JANUARY 2016 EFIR
The Kazan-based television station Efir24 recently aired a news broadcast about a man arrested for driving while heavily intoxicated. The man was so drunk that he nearly passed out while being interrogated by police officers. This is the dialogue between the officer and the driver captured on film:
Vital knowledge (on an instinctual level). / serg k
Whose car is this?
Don't know.
Did you steal it or something?
Yeah, probably.
Who'd you steal it from?
Don't know.
And how much have you had to drink today?
Don't know.
You don't know anything, eh?
Well who's the president of the Russian Federation? Do you know?
Yes. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
According to Efir24, this knowledge of Putin didn't help. The full 20-minute TV show episode (about car accidents) can be viewed here (in Russian).

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