Saturday, January 23, 2016

First Lady Hillary Clinton at a cultural diplomacy conference ...

John Brown shared a link. FROM A FACEBOOK ENTRY

Not even a special performance by singer Demi Lovato improved the mood of some supporters who were unimpressed by Democratic candidate’s brevity

John Brown My exposure to Hillary was at a conference at the WH on cultural diplomacy about 15 years ago.
 (I was a notetaker). The then-first lady, with a quite unappealing quick appearance à l'anglaise -- and uninspiring remarks -- clearly did not charm the many distinguished foreign guests in attendance. The president, on the other hand, politely stayed at the conference far longer, and really "got into" lively exchanges about an important aspect of diplomacy -- culture. The contrast between the two Clintons was striking in terms of how they could engage "culture vultures" from other countries.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Pingpong diplomacy in 1971 smoothed U.S. relations with China. When the United States reached out to a new democratic South Africa, performers from the Dance Theater of Harlem helped forge diplomacy. As the Cold War thawed, pianist Vladimir Horowitz returned to his native Russia i…
Hillary ain't a "Goldwater Girl" for nothing ...

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