Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Russian Kitsch vs. American "Efficiency"

Check out these photos of the Moscow Subway. Photographer David Bardeny ...

Канадский фотограф Дэвид Бардени (David Burdeny) после своей поездки в Россию создал серию фоторабот, которую назвал «Россия: светлое…

John Brown ...-- While there is an artistic "kitsch" to the Moscow Stalin-time Moscow subway ("palaces for the masses"), my experience in riding it in 1973; 1999-2002 (as a U.S. dip without a car) was far more positive than having to endure, today, the "Metro" of Washington DC. Main positive element of the Moscow subway, despite its very human odors: It was reliable, like a Kalashnikov (pardon the comparison), whereas the DC metro is as "dependable" as "computer glitch." See Best, john -- And we are the people who land persons on the moon but can't get a commuter from one subway station to another without a "glitch." :) Mind you, :) I'm a patriotic emoticon


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