Friday, November 27, 2015

Facebook entry by commentator/professor/linguist Mark Teeter on language and diplomatic negotiations

THE LINGUO-DIPLOMATIC CORNER. Today: Why Substantive Discussions With Krymnashisty, Novorossisty, Russkii-Miristy, SyriAssadisty, etc.,Tend Towards Brevity and Unproductivity.
Well-intentioned pedagogical resources (such as Английский язык для всех here) have yet to capture the “Realpolitik nature" of negotiations under the RF Standard VVP 3.0 Protocol, e.g.
I might have misunderstood you but…/ Врёшь! [you lie - JB]
I’m not sure you’re right about…/ Врёшь!
I’m sorry but you must be mistaken. / Врёшь!

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