Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Dos and Don'ts: From Scottish Diplomacy and Chinese Etiquette

From Scottish Diplomacy and Chinese Etiquette


DO spend time reading the business card of your Chinese colleague. It's seen as rude to simply slip it into your pocket straight away without reading it.

DO offer your business card in return, using both hands. Using one hand may offend.

DO be careful about where you sit in meetings. The lowest-ranking member of a group will sit with their back to the door and the highest facing it. Sitting in the wrong seat could cause great offence.

DON'T stick your chopsticks into your food and leave them sitting upright. This is a big no-no in Chinese culture.

DO return hospitality to the same level you have received it. This is very important and could be seen as a snub if you offer less in return.

DON'T tell your prospective colleague from China that you will meet them at the hotel. They could well expect to be met at the airport.

DO ensure your staff are of an equal level. For example, make sure a director speaks to a director and so on down the hierarchical chain.

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