Monday, January 23, 2012

Libya, Rice, and Jareb Cohen

I continue to be struck by the vulgarity of the below photograph, posted on facebook by social media guru and "terrorism" expert Jared Cohen, a former State Department official, with his following comment: "Standing on top of Muammar Gadaffi's former house in Libya."

Mr. Cohen, displaying himself in this triumphant gladiator pose (at least he's not urinating) seems to have forgotten that he was one of the "best and brightest" in the Bush II's State Department, during which the US established diplomatic relations (2006) with an odious regime.

Cohen's Foggy Bottom gig at/around that time? Member of the Secretary of State's Policy Planning Staff (2006-2009).

I wonder if, because of possible public-diplomacy "social media" advice Cohen gave Rice (of course, not about Graig's List), Gadaffi so admired his "darling black woman."

Here I fantasize: Could the the doctor and the colonel have met, prior to their encounter in the grubby real world, in the far more tititllating paradise of cyberspace?

But I better stop here, unless I aspire to be as vulgar and ridiculous as Mr. Cohen.

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