Friday, May 6, 2016

A cordial Facebook exchange on Russian History ..

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Nicholas I once said: "Remember this: die on the steps of the throne, but don't give up power!"

It was hard to be a tsar," writes Simon Sebag Montefiore at the start of this glorious romp through the history of the Romanov family from 1613 until the fall of the…
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John Brown Nina -- FYI, I attended yesterday a presentation by Montefiore -- I wish I had his flowerly name -- in Washington on his new book. Granted, he doesn't pretend to be an academic "thinker" or deep "conceptualist," but he sure tells a "hell of story" and is meticulous in his examination of (some little-known) archival materials. Perhaps he's too "entertaining" for some serious foot-noted people, but boring he certainly is not. At his presentation he wore red jogging shoes ... and made sure everyone in the audience had a seat by inviting them to the "reserved" front rows. Well, agree with his approach to history or not, at least he is interested in very carefully and humanly (but not necessarily "academically") knowing -- and learning about -- Russia ... best, john
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Nina Bouis I missed his presentation in NYC Wednesday night, but I saw pictures on FB (Liesl Schillinger) was his interlocutor, and he was wearing his red sneakers there, too. I'm about to start the book, BTW.
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