Saturday, January 3, 2015

What people in each state are most thankful for, in one map

From; via JJ on Facebook
What are you thankful for this year?
The data team at Facebook analyzed the posts of English speakers in the United States, and they created a map of the most distinctive thing they found in each state.

They also broke down the maps by several broad trends. The first was weather patterns.
One state's residents seemed more grateful when the storms left the lights on. States where rain is scarce were grateful for moisture. Plains states were thankful for the beautiful thunderstorms of summer, and coastal states were grateful for being able to go to the beach.

Another trend was technology. The most glaring example was Kansas, which is grateful for Google. This might be related to Kansas City being home to the first Google Fiber ultra-high speed network in the country.

A final trend was religion. There are two distinctive pockets where people were most thankful for God and salvation: Utah and Idaho, home to much of America's Mormon population; and the American southeast, also known as the Bible Belt.

Facebook did note that about 90 percent of the posts they analyzed were written by women.
You can read the rest of Facebook's data here.

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