Saturday, December 6, 2014

From the Marlboro Man to the Marijuana Wo/Man ...

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When some thought we were over finally with the Marlboro man, now we're moving onto the stage of the Marijuana wo/man. Such is history: illegal, mind-"pleasing" substances are condemned by the powers-that-be; people want to get high, as they have wanted since the stone age; the devil substance is gradually "legalized"; the state/private commercial interests take over the production/sale of these once-condemned evils to tax/rip-off money from their consumers; the substance is gradually found not to be too good for your health; then a "grass-roots" ban/limit-the-substance begins. That's what happened (too simply put) with tobacco, and will probably happen with "weed" in the not too distant future. Also (for Russianists), think of vodka in Russia.
The industry’s path could lead to dire consequences.

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