Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A facebook message to a distinguished Russian scholar re racism in today's USA; note for a lecture, "E pluribus Unum? What Keeps the United States United"

John Brown  [to the scholar]. 

[M]y sense is that the sporadic (but regrettably increasing) "racial" violence occurring the U.S. today is due to the fact -- yes, I'd argue that it is a fact -- that the (supposedly) recovering economy is not yet (will it ever?) benefiting the poorest segments of American society, no matter their "race" (Note: the deranged, previously incarcerated, "black" person who killed two policemen in cold blood in NYC so that "pigs can have wings" actually shot not a "white" cop, but "hispanic" and "asian" ones [whatever these silly Census racial/ethnic categories may mean]). 

BTW, I lived through the late 60s during the tragic DC riots after the assassination of MLK -- and the sad situation we are facing today in the U.S. cannot compare with that period in its gravity as regards the possibility (which no American should take for granted) of United States keeping itself united. 

Again, all the best for the holidays -- and with immense gratitude for all you are doing for Russian-American understanding. 

Note: Facebook entry slightly edited.

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