Friday, February 8, 2013

"Banned" from Google Blog Search? The Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review

Not that I, quite frankly, could personally care less about being not cited on Google, but my modest efforts at sharing ideas with others on our small planet by means of the Public Diplomacy Press and Blog Review (PDPBR) have for some time now gone unmentioned on the Google Blogs search (which was not the case several months ago).

Did the PDPBR vanish from Google because of a person(s) or an algorithm?

I sent Facebook messages to

Google-employed/celebrated social media guru Jared Cohen, who has foreign policy experience, to that effect, but never received a reply. Such is 21st century interconnectivity.

In order to "beat" the Google selectivity system, what I am doing, to share with others my minor internet research (which makes no pretense of being "academic," "sociological," "anthropological,"  "theoretical," "philosophical," "ideological" or even "provocative," but does allow itself to take the liberty of attempting to amuse its readers, perhaps most 'dangerous' of all?) on media/blog items pertaining to public diplomacy, is including the PDPBR as an entry in my other blog, "John Brown's Notes and Essays" -- the one which you, kind reading, are kind enough to look at -- which evidently is not "censored" (perhaps "ignored" is a better word?) by Google.

At least for now, this stealth procedure seems to have worked, as I look at the Google stats in my "Notes and Essays" on the latest of such a 'PDPBR' entry, the high numbers of which (for a blog which, granted, is limited in its readership) suggest that the PDPBR can remain available to a wider audience.

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joelhar said...

That makes no sense.

Can anyone at Google assist?