Monday, August 22, 2016

Bill vs. Hillary -- Note for a non-memoir ... (from Facebook)

John Brown As I reach a certain age I remember a WH "cultural diplomacy" conference
 at the end of the Clinton administration at which I had the privilege to be a notetaker. The first WH dignitary to appear was the First Lady, who spoke dryly, uninspiringly, sans evident appreciation for "culture" as a dynamic, energizing element in foreign relations, for a very short, "business-like" 20 minutes to distinguished cultural figures from all over the world. She could have been delivering a legal brief on how to fix WH toilets -- then vanished for, evidently, "another event on her busy schedule" -- after her brief spiel she was followed by husband Bill. The President stayed for a long time -- communicated -- with the audience -- listening, sharing thoughts -- what a contrast to Ms. Clinton .... It was like a human being (with all her faults) vs. a lawyer-robot (with all his "plans/schedules" all set, all prepared) ...

Following welcoming remarks, participants talked about the importance of art and culture and how it affects the…
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