Friday, August 5, 2011

Captain Euro

For those of you kind enough to read this blog who enjoyed (perhaps tongue-in-cheek, or from a sociological point of view) "Captain America," I strongly recommend, if you have the patience, the just-issued (as far as I can tell), on CD, "Winter in Wartime"

(picked up by yours truly for $1.00 [plus tax] at the Redbox vending machine [Washington, DC, at the local Giant supermarket], a subsidiary of a Netherlands company).

It's about a Dutch adolescent's anti-Nazi heroics (without the hero changing, like Cap American style, into a fortified body; he -- the young not-flying Dutchman  -- rides a bicycle, in wintertime, throughout, so he is enviromentally-correct and Euro-unmotorized) during the German occupation.

I of course do not intend to get into the complicated issue of Dutch collaboration during WWII -- just suggesting that you might get a kick out of this rah-rah-Euro WWII flick, if you can stand it more than the trash our very own HollyWeird-town produces.

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