Saturday, May 15, 2010

Alhurra Communications Director Deirdre Kline on Salon's “Why Nobody Watches Our Arab TV Channel.”

In the article “Why Nobody Watches Our Arab TV Channel,” the author misrepresents Alhurra TV’s audience and reputation in the Middle East. Alhurra’s mission is journalistic. Alhurra is required, by law, to be conducted in accordance with the highest professional standards of broadcast journalism; and include news which is consistently reliable and accurate, objective and comprehensive. Alhurra has developed its reputation as a place to turn for news and is frequently cited in the Arabic and English press as a source of news.

The critical so called investigative pieces cited in the article are from nearly two years ago are largely rehashes of stories written several years earlier. Instead of repeating several year old articles the author should note the Arab media’s reaction to Alhurra’s recently launched prime time news magazine Al Youm. Just yesterday, Alyoum Assabeh, one of the most popular Egyptian Web sites praised Al Youm for its commitment to telling human interest stories of ordinary Egyptian people; visiting rural villages and discussing their daily life.

Critics sitting on a panel in Dubai may not like Alhurra, but the people do and we prefer to listen to the audience instead of so-called “experts”. In the six years since the launch, Alhurra has grown into a reputable news and information channel and 27 million viewers seem to agree.

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