Friday, June 5, 2009

Twittering and Public Diplomacy

Would Charles Dickens ever have been a "twitterer"?

How about Tolstoy?

Can you "twitter" War and Peace?

Of course, you can't.

But "twittering" does limit the amount of "blah-blah-blah."

Plssssssssssss. Only 140 characters, Twitter says. Right on; I, a former government employee (and the victim of endless "staff meetings" at the State Department) say!

But how useful the 'no-blah-blah-blah' 140-character Twitter limitation can be in promoting the US overseas, the task of the so-called office of Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the State Department, is a matter of serious consideration.

Maybe instant gratification does take too long.

And a "real-time" conversation, in the non-virtual world, over a long lunch between a US Foreign officer (as I had the priviledge of being), with a key player in an overseas society may not be a waste of paypayers' money.

Just asking, in over 140 characters.

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PDWorldwide said...

Twittering, Facebook, text alerts and other forms of social networking and new media work only AFTER a relationship has been built by face to face contact. It is amazing to me that people haven't figured that out yet!!!