Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Death of Phil Taylor

One of the greats in the study of the art of rhetoric -- and its often discomforting 20th century manifestation (vulgarization?), propaganda -- has passed away, as one of his fellow-scholars just informed me. Phil Taylor, Professor of International Communications, University of Leeds, contributed much to the history of propaganda, arguing that it was a morally neutral tool that has existed since antiquity. One may not have always agreed with him, but he shed much light on how human beings communicate, and for what reasons, making our complicated lives on this small planet more understandable. Image from Phil's website which was a treasure of information on public diplomacy/propaganda.


EA WorldView said...

An excellent scholar, a dynamic teacher and, in my case, the person who inspired me to come to Britain and pursue an academic career.

Thanks for everything, Phil.

Scott Lucas

Gary Rawnsley said...

All of us in the Institute of Communications Studies at the University of Leeds are devastated by the news of Phil’s death. I would like to thank all within the pd community who have offered their condolences.

Phil passed away peacefully on Monday at 4:30 pm only three weeks after having been diagnosed with terminal cancer. It is a testament to his work and friendship that so many people around the world are mourning.

On a personal note I have lost dear friend, colleague, adviser, mentor and a brother. The work will continue ...

I will post here the funeral arrangements once they have been finalised. Sue, Phil’s wife, knows that there may be many people across the world who wish to travel to the UK to pay their final respects.

Getachew Nigatu said...

I am among his last life time students.He inspired all of us and gave us a real guide to what is going on in todays world.We are all shocked and we all wished to see him on our graduation next week .His website is always active on my computer.I hope we will continue to get more and more from him even if he is not here anymore.
Getachew Woldemariam

Vio said...

An excellent scholar and teacher, with thoughtful writings on propaganda history and the art of influence. Rest in peace Phil!

Viorel Mihaila

Unknown said...

Phil was a valued scholar and teacher and a key contributor at the NATO MPOC and our annual conferences while I served at SHAPE (94-97). This is terrible news. Condolences to all.

You will be missed, friend.

John Markham

Unknown said...

Thank you to him. Not just a lecturer, but a supervisor, a friend, mentor. Personal recommender for three jobs all of which i got. Very humble and frank. A real British gentleman. I am short of how to express myself ....but i cant remember being so devastated in recent years. Such a great person. Fare thee well

Noel said...

Thanks for the inspiration Phil.

Sundeep Kumar

Unknown said...

Still in shock after hearing the news from a friend this morning. I credit Phil for nurturing my interest in strategic communications and foreign policy. However, he wasn't just a teacher, he was also a friend. RIP Phil and thank you.

BeluBelloBelle said...

Lil bit read his line some over past year ago, when i learned at communication faculty. Great and inspired writer.

Rest in Peace.

(Thx for bringing this information Sir, whether I lived long)